I’ve always been the picky eater in my family. Meat on the bone, like wings and ribs, are not my favorite. Sandwiches and burgers are mostly ordered condiment-free. And messy meals have always been a bit unappealing… that is until I discovered the pure meaty joy of some darn good BBQ.

Famous Dave’s BBQ has become a consistent pit stop for road trips down south. In fact, it’s no longer just a coincidental meal on the road, it’s a strategically planned out event that Alex and I refuse to skip when we’re crossing through Gilroy. The decor is delightfully cheesy, and the food has never disappointed.

Famous Dave's BBQ

Menu and basket of sauces

The key to the goodness is in the sauces. They offer 5 traditional sauces and 1 kick-you-in-the-face hot sauce. As a devilish trick to make your mind explode, I’ve listed out the flavor profiles:

  • Rich & Sassy – A traditional BBQ sauce with great tang and a bit of honey (a fantastic staple)
  • Sweet & Zesty – Molasses based BBQ sauce with lots of sweetness and a flavorful punch (extra sweet but great when mixed)
  • Georgia Mustard – A smoky spin on the traditional honey mustard (not my favorite, but a good change from the rest)
  • Texas Pit – Tons of pepper and spices go into this smoky sauce (great peppery flavor if you love dry rub)
  • Devil’s Spit – A punchy and spicy sauce with a touch of sweetness (my ultimate favorite sauce at Dave’s)
  • Wilbur’s Revenge – KICK IN THE FACE habanero BBQ sauce (they serve this in a tiny tiny cup for a reason, fellas)
Chopped Pork Meal

Chopped pork, corn muffin, side of jalapeno mac and cheese

I can never seem to get past the trifecta of Georgia chopped pork, a sweet corn muffin, and the side of mac and cheese. It’s just the perfect combination of guilt, self-hate, and embarrassment that everyone seeks in BBQ… right? Well either way, it’s delicious. Yes it’s a chain, and yes there probably exists better BBQ in the Bay Area, but for me, this place is a gem and I look forward to road trips as an excuse to get my Q on.



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  1. June 12, 2012

    Seriously, YUM (not very original, I know). I definitely have a few must-stop places depending on where a day trip leads me as well. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but my ultimate favorite in that category (and a must stop if I’m in the North Bay) is probably Sol Food in San Rafael.

  2. July 15, 2012

    it’s always good to know about dining destinations, and good mac and cheese is hard to find, so I’m bookmarking this right now

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